Passionate. Intentional. Community.
Touching Earth with Heaven’s Sound.
One good word can change a life.
Who will go? Send me.
We do all that we do here at RockSong out of love for the Father. There is no greater calling than that of the Father calling us to Himself. And once we answer that call and go into His presence through the righteous power of the blood of His Son, Jesus Christ, we can be filled with His Spirit and go into the rest of the world to do what we see the Father doing. We believe that worship is the way to answer the call of the Father, and that when a congregation corporately answers that call, incredible things can happen: hearts can be burdened with the causes of the Father, and lives, and even communities, can be forever changed. It is for this reason that RockSong Church has partnered with Worship Mission, an organization all about global education, one student, one journey, one legacy at a time. We invite you to check them out and offer your support.

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