Changing The Way We “Church”

by Pastor Albert Keech, co-written by Judy Keech
THE PROBLEM: On the battlefield of Evangelism in America Christianity is not winning. The way we do church may be the problem.

It’s no secret that in America church attendance is dropping rapidly, steadily declining, and many churches are closing their doors. The population is growing, but THE CHURCH is not.


Sustained Breath

This beautiful prose was written by Monica about her personal experience during a prophetic journey guided by Pastor Judy Keech at a RockSong Worship Service. She was graciously willing to share her incredible journey with all of you. We pray that this may bring you ever closer in your own experience with Jesus.

Sustained Breath

by Monica Free

I walked through this field of wheat, which swelled and receded with the breath of fall.

In the middle of the field, there was a tree whose thick trunk was curved so distinctly,

almost like someone who was looking up at the starry sky and was frozen in a moment of silent wonder

at the vast expanse of space.


To Dare Mighty Things…To Worship

To Dare Mighty Things…To Worship.

by Judy Keech
Does anyone else desire to escape your life for a while? Am I the only one? My pastor (mentor) and his wife (mentor) are cruising (much deserved) on a ship near Honduras as I write this, and my jealousy makes me feel ashamed.  The weight of my responsibilities plus the chaos of my everyday life make me more than a little crazy on a daily basis.  But, conversely, they are the things that keep me sane…in sync, true, grounded. 
The best place to run is into His presence.


Running on Empty – Feeding the Multitudes

Running on Empty – Feeding the Multitudes

by Staci Pace
Are you ready to feed 5,000? Did you bring enough meat? Did you remember the vegetarians? Do you have enough propane for the grills? Don’t forget these people need something to drink, too! And it should probably all be organic so we don’t offend anyone. You might want to get on it right away, because these people are hungry!! The realization hits you that you didn’t even THINK about having to FEED the people actual FOOD when they followed you out into the wilderness.
How do I minister when I'm running on empty?


The Power of the Semicolon

by Christopher Campbell
For the past several months God has been impressing upon me the power of the semicolon. I’m no English major and in all honesty I avoided that subject as much as possible in high school, but for those who don’t know the significance of the semicolon, it means the author could end the thought there, but there’s more to the story. The power of that little piece of punctuation is quite incredible. That punctuation mark is the point that the story often takes a turn. It could be for better or worse, but it is pivotal in its very nature.
In scripture it’s that moment when the story says “but God”…
; but God


Summit Thoughts During Valley Walks

By Mark Tennison

Climbing a mountain is a lot like life.  There are ups and downs, highs and lows, obstacles, plateaus, valleys and peaks, aches and pains, second, third and fifth winds, falling and rising, and pondering your next move.  The valley has much beauty but you’re too busy focusing on the path and getting to the tree line.  You’re determined to reach the peak. The forest is dense and according to you, little to see except trees and the trail.  Little did you know a massive Bull Elk and a large female are grazing ten yards to your left.


“Chillin” on Quandary Peak Summit


From One Mom to Another

In response to Christian 101: What’s for dinner?
What's for dinner?
Background: My husband (of 13 years) and I are the parents of 2 boys & 1 girl: Reese – age 10, Ethan – age 8 and Madeline – age 5. We have a beagle, Roxy. We are busy, just like you. My house is usually messy. We are always on a tight budget. We are full of life and love!


As I was sitting in service this past Sunday listening to “Christian 101: What’s for dinner? Family that works,” it of course spurred many thoughts about whether or not my family works and why. So, listed below are some of the quotes from Pastor Al, and then the ramble of thoughts I had on the subject when I wasn’t frantically taking notes. Maybe you’re a mom in the same boat, or perhaps you have some greater wisdom that could change my life. (If that’s the case, please share!)



Good Words

As a leader at a church with a small staff and a BIG vision, the bulk of tasks, to-do lists with a crunch time, and pressing matters of ministry can tend to get a bit intense, stirring up anxiety and frustration. 
In our passionate drive to fulfill the mission, and keep the vision we can easily burn ourselves out!
BUT I came across this verse today that gave me an “ah-ha!” moment. 
Anxiety in the heart of man causes depression, but a good word makes it glad.
Proverbs 12:25 NKJV
When our hearts hear a “good word” it does a miraculous thing! It makes us glad! …which staves off anxiety! And when your heart is glad, there is no room for depression!



From Christian 101 Series
By Judy Keech
Girl on Mountaintop

Christians are in poor health. SPIRITUAL HEALTH

In poor health due to CHOICE.

Let me clarify.  By God’s grace-filled design, He has made the arrangements and put everything in place for His children, those called by His name, Christ-People (AKA “Christians”), to THRIVE.

THRIVE!   …not just survive as best we can, never moving past our ticket to eternal life. 


Got Peace?

By Judy Keech



It’s simple, but it isn’t easy. Or is it? If I am a “natural born worrier” how do I get to the state of PEACE?